Rann of Kutch after Batwara

Four centuries after the Naksa and subsequent Batwara, the Rann of Kutch has been divided into two distinct “nations”, which together comprise the vara.

Hindustan Zindabad occupies levels C and D. HZ preserves the military structure of the ship and is a stratocracy. The ship’s Captain is the peak authority and serves until removed by a joint decision of the Commanders’ Council (CC). All adults in HZ are members of the military and receive ranks at the age of sixteen.

HZ controls less territory than the IDR—it has dominion over the two smallest levels on the ship (C and D) and does not even control the full extend of C (the large center cell of BCX being occupied by HZ, and the Bridge (CC3) as a divided territory/demilitarized zone). However, it does control Taprobana, an exclave located within level B—the starboard weapons cell BW4, containing an electromagnetic field generator.

The population of HZ is about 65% Hindu, 30% Muslim; and 5% Sikh; of the Hindus, about half are traditionalist Shaivists, and the other half are gnostic dualists (a religion formed on the RoK).

About 1800 people live under the HZ government. Of those, under 400 are under the age of sixteen, and 1000-1100 are military-capable adults.

The residents of HZ are referred to as Zindabadis.

The Islamic Democratic Republic occupies levels A and B. It is led by a President with laws created by a small Parliament; a single Qadi (judge) must approve all laws and decisions in accordance with Islamic fiqh.

The IDR controls the two largest levels (A and B), the two largest cells (AC4 and BCX) and the only cell that crosses the gravity plane (BCX). It controls the gravity centrifuge, the gend, and one of the two electromagnetic field generators.

The population of the IDR is about 55% Muslim, 25% Hindu, and 20% (cult of the future/new religion).

Not quite 3000 people live under the dominion of the IDR, with around 700 children. Although there are about 1900 military-capable adults, only around 500 have regular military duties.

The residents of the IDR are referred to as Idris.

Rann of Kutch after Batwara

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