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Naavaforming inside of the Rann of Kutch

She stared down into the gaping drain
She had caught her necklace on a fixture and snapped the thin gold and her coral pendant, passed down from her original ancestor and valuable more because it was a symbol of before than because of its magic, was lost. She had already called for an AI to scour the drains and pipes and it was essentially guaranteed it would be found, because all matter mattered and was carefully sorted.

Maybe it’s never found before terror war etc kill her or somehow cause the closure of the borders for hundreds of years; maybe it is found later by the second story characters.

Terror attack on the IDR is perpetrated by a military guy from HZ, someone highly trained but willing to go on a suicide mission because a head injury is leading to crippling headaches (migraines? Reference graphic novel) and he is no longer useful to the army. He has a second, someone somewhat duped—who doesn’t realize the depth of the attack he is participating in.

The terror dude gets pistols with helical magazines. Sets a fire, uses a taboo explosive, sets up his accomplice on the other end of the dorm area to kill first responders, then kills tons of kids in an IDR nursery.

Kala pani

Walls made of krit (an artificial resin intended for small repairs but greatly repurposed after batwara)

Qibla finder, points backwards toward earth


Pinpricks of green light everywhere on the ship denoting charging pads. Backing up to one so his power pack can recharge after shooting several guys with his electrolaser

Money systems are difficult to make compatible because one is military scrip rupees (representing nothing) and the other—hours—represents a tangible (but not concrete) thing for the IDR government. When crossing borders, people will often load up on a staple (turmeric roots or whatever) and sell them when they enter for pocket money (like hitting an ATM)

IDR people all study both “Systems” and “Society” as well as carrying out mandatory military service when young. Then they eventually move into studying either Systems or Society. The theory is that knowledge to keep the ship running must be as redundant as possible. Systems does include engineeering and stuff and also sciences. Is there a class divide? Also Security

Major political issues:
Relations with Zindabad/IDR
Economic control
Stewardship of food supply
Role of military

Bitter spittle

Twins generation


Bijalaser = electrolaser

A weak intellectual guy offering military worship—underpinnings of a military dominant society. People elevate nonviolence to a high moral level to create an ex post facto justification for their own cowardice. He admits he is a coward and that’s why he thinks warlike men should rule.

One of the fighter jets made it back to the RoK before it spun off into oblivion. However, because of its warlike AI, it’s not allowed to reintegrate ever with the main AI. The hangar has been hit with a bomb, so it magnetically clings to the outside of the ship and waits there basically forever. It’s a limited AI with no real personality, and it can only “converse” by being given new attack scenarios and then cooking up a response. It’s been given every possible permutation of existing scenarios. Three Chinese frigates and a carrier come from the south. Two Chinese frigates, with 40% fuel. Two Chinese frigates with 39% fuel. And 38%. And so on. One of the character kids figures out original scenarios somehow and strikes up a “friendship” with the lonely half-millennia old AI.

Lasers mounted here and there in the ship corridors—authorized users can activate them with a gesture and invisibly kill, almost like spellcasting.

Samson story—retells, then two possible endings. Either elderly Samson pushes the pillars and nothing happens, or god is real and his strength returns and he destroys the temple.

Third option: he pushes he pillars and his heart bursts and as he dies he sees the temple fall, he hears the screams of the priests, etc. perception upon death is the afterlife.

One character spends time browsing the archived internet and learning about odd movements in music throughout the centuries on Earth. The problem is that much of the time audio links (from tube sites) are broken and misdirected, and you can’t tell shit from a music writing description. He sends the netspider process hunting and correlating the content, but it works less than half the time. So there are entire genres that were deadly important to whole subcultures, and all the RoK can tell about them is music critic descriptions of their sound.

Chawls/kholis (living blocks)
Nukkad culture (street corner)

President has a legal rep who negotiates with both parliament and the qadi. Current prez’ is a devout Muslim man.

At the end of (female presidents) Grand Term, the election of her chosen successor is interrupted by violence with HZ. Evil dude rises up to win election and install his own MPs. Wadi resists him on religious grounds and he whips up the populace into saying, reasonably, that Islam has too much influence in politics. Replaces qadi, maybe kills, with weaker and pliant one. Imprisons the former female president. Ends up serving two grand terms somehow. After that…indefinite before dying? Democracy shakily comes back but even 100years later the evil dude’s effects are still felt negativity.

Fauji (troopers)

Cult of the future (mustaqabaliyy); started as atheist science cult thing but eventually became an overlay that Hindus/Muslims/others could adhere to. Maybe use the word as an example of the division of language (Arabic/Urdu different from Hindi)

three kinds of movies: (Persian word for ark) films, which are made and set in the rok; ancient films made on earth; Persian-ark films set on earth.

Septuple redundancy of engines leads to legend of the seven errors of Captain so and so

Everybody is tool-assisted (TA); a combo of AIs and robot tools help basically trained Systems people do optometry, surgery, etc. A valid question asks if the people are being assisted by AI tools, or if the AIs are being assisted by human tools.


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