Government of IDR

The Islamic Democratic Republic has a tripartite government headed by a democratically elected President, with laws written by a democratically elected Parliament (consisting of three MPs), and with judicial oversight provided by an appointed Qadi, who vets all laws according to Islamic fiqh.

The President
The President is elected for an initial three-year term and can be re-elected for an additional five-year term, which is the maximum allowable consecutive terms.

The President signs legislation presented to her by Parliament, enacting it into law. The President can decline to sign a law; however, if Parliament unanimously backs the law, the President can…

The President commands the IDR’s military and tasks them with enforcing the law.

Parliament consists of three MPs elected by a XXXXX voting system. MPs write laws and, with a two-thirds majority, send them to the President for ratification and enforcement.

Government of IDR

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